DIY Mason Jar Holiday Luminaria

This year my teenage daughter wants a more traditional holiday theme in our house… apparently as cute as our “theme” Christmases have been, she longs for something more red and green, like when she was little. ( Come on! Our Candyland Christmas Tree was AMAZING!) I myself, was longing for lots of frosty snow, and birch log candles, and starry whites…Feelin’ me, readers?  But hey, she has a point. Gotta admit, I miss that homey Classic Christmas feel too! She sold us on the idea, so we started brainstorming some DIY projects we could make, without having to buy an entirely new set of decorations. I ran across this cute Luminaria made for Halloween by ‘My Anything and Everything‘ and decided it would be a perfect idea, with a few Christmasey tweaks! Love the way our DIY mason jar holiday luminaria turned out, they will definitely be front and center for our “Vintage Home” theme this year! (Sorry, I can’t help it with the themes…)

We chose to use the word “Joy” and three mason jars, but obviously it’s up to you.

***Thrilled that our DIY Mason Jar Holiday Luminaria is featured in the 2016 Country Sampler’s “Christmas Decorating” Magazine!




DIY Mason Jar Luminaria

First of all, what the heck is a luminaria? Traditionally luminaria bags were filled with sand and a candle to light the winter night. During the holiday season, many towns hold Luminaria Festivals where the streets are lined with shimmering bags of light. Sante Fe has one of the most famous ones. We took the luminaria bag idea and made it a little more safe for indoors with the glass jars and the LED candles. Oh, and these are pretty fun holiday projects too!

Supplies for Your DIY Mason Jar Luminaria

  • Smooth sided mason jars (Hobby Lobby is where we got ours)
  • Frosted glass spray paint
  • Clear matte sealer, or glitter spray paint
  • Stick on letters to spell your word
  • Spray paint for the lids (optional)
  • LED votive candles (Craft stores, or at Home Depot in the Xmas Section)
  • Ribbon and picks for the lid


Step One

Place the letter sticker on each mason jar, centered as much as possible. I used a piece of painters tape along the bottom of each jar to give me a guideline of how far up to place the sticker… so they would all be the same distance from the bottom when lined up next to each other. Make sense? Rub the sticker on well so no paint leaks underneath. Remove lids and rings.


Step Two

Spray paint the jars with the frosted glass paint. I did mine in three light coats, letting it dry at least 15 minutes between coats. Let dry at least one hour after last coat, then lightly spray with clear glitter spray paint to seal. We started out thinking glitter spray, then had clear sealer left over from another project we used on each luminaria jar. Let dry overnight. Note: Please check your spray sealer in an inconspicuous spot if you choose to use it. Some readers have mentioned that some sealers removed the frosted look of the glass paint on the luminaria.

Step Three

If desired, spray paint the rings and lids. I used a silver sparkle spray paint, ‘cause thats what I had. You can leave them gold if you like.


Step Four

Remove the stickers. I warmed them up with a hair dryer first so they would peel off easily… I was concerned about scratching off the frosted paint if they were too hard to get off. That worked out really well.

Step Five

I tied some mini ornaments onto some wire ribbon, wrapped it twice around the top of the jar, then tied it.


Step Six

Add your LED votive to the bottom of the mason jar, with or without a little craft snow. We discovered when we used snow that it boosted the height of the candles, and we would have placed the letters a little higher on the jar if we had realized this before hand… Just FYI!


Done! I use some dollar store cooking tongs to grab the votives to pull them up for turning on and off… Seems easier then sliding them out each time, especially if you are using snow! A little tip… the words show up best against a dark background, so keep that in mind when you are placing these DIY mason jar holiday luminaria come the holidays!

Wishing you “Joy” for your holidays!


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