Versatile Pipe Light Fixture

Versatile Vertical Pipe Light Fixture

This cool, industrial style pipe light fixture started off as a pipe coat rack. The supremely creative Mandi Gubler or Vintage Revivals added light sockets to it, to make an unique wall light fixture. Just follow along with her tutorial to make this pipe light fixture for your home.

Pipe decor is a trend that just keeps steamrolling forward. I think its because creating with pieces is so individual, there are always new projects to try and configurations to make. The style is fluid and works with almost every type of decor, from industrial, to farmhouse, and vintage to modern. I love how versatile this vertical pipe light fixture is.

And thanks to the new LDR Pipe Decor kits at The  Home Depot, bringing it into your home is as easy as pie-pe (get it!? PIPE! <—-Hilarious.)


  • (1) LDR Coat Rack Kit
  • (7) Reducer Couplings
  • (4) 4 in. Black Iron Pipe Connector (3 come in the Coat Rack kit, you’ll need 7 total)
  • (2) Pipe Decor ½ in. Black Iron Pipe Cross
  • (5) ½ in. Threaded Nipples (4 come in the Coat Rack kit, you’ll need 9 total)
  • (7) Weatherproof Sockets
  • 8 ft. Lamp Wire
  • Plug
  • Heat Shrink Connectors
  • Wire Strippers

Step 1

You’re going to start by connecting the reducer couplings to the remaining T’s using a nipple. You should have three of these configurations.

Step 2

One of the great things about this line is that they have created pieces that are absolutely brilliant, like this 5-way connector.

Step 3

The next step is to connect two reducers to opposite sides of the 5 way connector with nipples.

It should look like this:

Step 4

While I was at The Home Depot hunting for supplies for this projects I came across THE BEST sockets. They are black rubber and fit perfectly snug inside the reducers.

Feed one socket into each reducer. On the pieces that have two reducers, make sure the wires are coming out on the same side.

Step 5

Connect a flange to one of your 4 in. pipe pieces, and then connect that to an elbow with a 4 in. piece below it. This is the top of your light that will attach to the wall.

Step 6

Add a single socket combo and make sure that the wires are poking out of the bottom. Cut your lamp wire to 7 in., and wire it to the cords from the socket. You’ll feed the lamp wire so that it is coming out with the wires of the next socket section.

Step 7

Strip the ends and connect them to the socket wires, then connect another 7 in. piece of lamp wire. I didn’t use wire nuts because it would have been an extremely tight fit so I soldered them and used electrical tape covered in heat shrink to insulate.

In the picture you can see six wires coming out of the lamp (two from each socket, and the two lamp wires that are threaded down from the previous socket) You can also see how they are connected to a new section of wire that will be threaded inside the tube to the next socket.

Step 8

This is what it looks like after the heat shrink is added. The wires on the left only have electrical tape, the wires on the the right have the heat shrink added over the top.

Step 9

Continue building your lamp. When you’ve attached your last socket, assemble the final pieces of pipe by connecting the elbow, nipple, T, nipple and flange together so it looks like this.

Step 10

Feed the lamp wire with the plug wired on one end through the T in the bottom section, and wire it to the socket.

I love that this light can be configured however you like (just turn it on it’s side and voila! its a vanity light!!)

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Find materials for this pipe project in the Pipe and Fittings and LED Light Bulbs sections at The Home Depot. Follow our Projects Using Pipe board on Pinterest for more pipe fitting projects and ideas.