How To Create a 3-D Mirror Gallery Wall

You have seen it done – the Gallery Wall – a collection of framed art or photos grouped on a wall to create impact.  It is an inexpensive and easy way to display objects on a big wall.  If you are looking for gallery wall ideas for your home décor, I have a twist you’ll love on the classic gallery wall – a 3D mirror gallery wall that creates even more of a dramatic effect.

Do you remember when I took the mirror off of the dresser in my guest room?

I painted it black and moved it to my dining room where I thought it would have more impact.   Love it – but it left my guest room wall looking a little un-loved.

I didn’t want to just add anything as a temporary fix, so I just let it be.  Last week when I was working with a decorating client of mine I got inspiration. I am helping her do her master bedroom and bath.  She handed me the photo and wanted me to figure out how to create it – as she has lots of photos she wants to display.

I looked closely at the photo and figured – no problem I can do that, but before I start putting holes in her wall, I will go put them in mine first to figure the best way to create the  3-D or layered effect.


Here is what I came up with. I didn’t use art or photos, but mirrors.  I had a few sitting down in my basement and I got the smaller ones at The Dollar Tree.  Now my guest room looks loved again and my guests will be able to see themselves.

After creating the 3D Mirror Gallery Wall, I gave the brown dresser under it a new look.  You can find out how I did this in How to Update a Hand-Me-Down Dresser.


It was not too hard at all – I didn’t even make any extra holes in my wall because I made a plan first.  Use these steps to create your own mirror gallery wall in your home.

1. I gathered all my mirrors and laid them on the bed to figure out the best placement.

2. I then traced each mirror on brown paper to make a template for each one. You could use newspaper to do this, too. My brown paper was from the end of the roll and was curling, but it didn’t matter – it still gave me an idea of where each frame was going to go on the wall.

3. To create the 3-D or layered effect, you need to create two layers.  Some frames are mounted the usual way right on the wall. The next layer of frames will be mounted on blocks.  I found some scrap wood and cut it into blocks.  The blocks need to be as thick as your frames so when you place a frame on a block it lays above or level with the wall mounted frames.

4. I then painted the sides of each block the same color of the wall.  Since the wall I created is next to the door I wanted the blocks to blend in as you might see them from a side view. You can’t but it keeps things nice and neat.

5. I drilled a hole in the center of each block so I could screw them onto the wall.

6. The block becomes the wall for the frames that are going to be raised away from the wall to create the 3D effect.  I added a nail and hung a framed mirror on it.

7. I started hanging the mirrors by placing the largest mirror first and then worked to each side. I placed the wall mounted mirrors first and then the ones on the blocks next.

It ended up looking like this

Tips for Hanging a 3D-Frame Mirror Gallery Wall

When it comes to hanging overlapping frames, the key lies with placing the blocks:  The frame has to be centered on a block as this is where the hangers are on the back of each frame. Line the top of the block up with the top center of the frame where the hanger is.   Note that some hangers on the back of frames are right on top, others are lower. Keep this in mind when placing the blocks on the wall. You should not see the block when the frame is hanging.

I only created two layers, but you could add a 3rd level by using thicker blocks that will hold frames on top of ones already on thinner blocks.

Closer view of the layer effect.

In case you need some help hanging heavy items on your walls, I have some tips in this post.

I have also experimented with making a Frame Gallery Wall Using Command Strips!

I am always in creative mode around my house and my hubby just goes along with the flow and doesn’t usually voice his opinions – he lets me do my thing.  He did about this – he likes it – LOTS!   So I must be on a roll to get a response from him about one of my projects.  Thanks honey xo