DIY Baseboards, Molding and Trim

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to make your home look more upscale, substantial and well designed, then don’t overlook how important your woodwork (or lack thereof) can be. Maybe you have great architectural detail in your home already, and all that your wood needs is a refreshing paint job or just a good cleaning to refresh the room. But chances are, if you’re working on a budget, (and who isn’t!) your home could use some beefing up in the “extras” department. Learn different ways to DIY baseboards, molding and trim to give your home a custom look, on a DIY’ers budget!



How to DIY Baseboards & Molding

Maybe we are getting ahead of you. Perhaps you don’t have any baseboards at all? No worries, ‘DIY Advice’, above,  shows us how to install baseboards, and it is easy. Remember, the wider (or taller, depending on your perspective) the baseboard is, the more modern and upscale it looks. Go with as much as you can afford.


Ok, we’re kinda going backwards here. Now that you’ve seen how good nice baseboards can look, how do you get rid of the icky ones you have now? Easy! Go visit  ‘Bless’er House’ and read the DIY newbie’s guide to removing baseboards!


Speaking of the ceiling line, ‘Young House Love’ shows us how to install crown molding… Big difference with the before and after, huh?


Need to know how to beef up your crown molding, to make it a little more substantial? ‘Young House Love’ has that tutorial for us too! Remember, your entire home will look more expensive with these kind of design details.


‘Pewter and Sage‘ used a product they found at ‘Lowes’ to completely cover their old baseboards without having to remove them. The new look is much more updated! Click on over to find out what they used.


So Sarah at ‘Thrifty Decor Chick’ shares our vision that bigger is better when it comes to molding. Find out how she added beefy trim and baseboards, and her plan to add them to her whole house. (Even bloggers have to take projects on one at a time!) The before and after photos tell it all!


This project is from ‘Home Depot’, and perfect for budget DIY’ers. Learn how to create an exaggerated baseboard, which is a fancy way of saying… add a thin piece of trim above your existing molding, then paint the space in between for an eye fooling, money saving fix! You could do this at the ceiling too!


Heidi at ‘Hammer Like a Girl’ has the same idea, and can teach us a thing or two about installing this Craftsman window trim. Lot’s of pics for this project for you to follow along with!


If you want to go even further with trim and really transform a room, add molding squares to a wall with this tutorial from ‘ehow’ and John Gerard. This would be great in a home that you wanted to add a more traditional, vintage or cottage style.


Ok, so now the bug has bitten, and you want to add something really amazing with molding, we get it. For our last idea,  learn how to install board and batten from ‘One Project Closer’. This is the most in depth project in this post, but be sure to go check out their site and see how it all turned out. If you have a builder grade home, this could make it really amazing!

If you are looking for another way to add architecture to your home, try DIY shiplap projects!

Image Credits: Home Depot, DIY Advice, Bless'er House, Young House Love, Young House Love, Thrifty Decor Chick, Ehow, One Project Closer