Color Lovers: Guest Suite Makeover Reveal

I know you have been patiently waiting to see the Color Lovers room reveals, well today is the day where 9 other color loving bloggers and I are revealing the room makeovers that we started last month. 

Before I show you the reveal of what I call the “Guest Suite”, I want to thank…

… The Mine, Birch Lane, and Minted for helping make this series come to colorful life.  At the end of this post you will find all the links to all the decorating items I used to make over both rooms. I will be posting tutorials on how I made everything in upcoming posts next week. So if you have any questions about how I made something, I will cover it in these posts.

So what room do you want to see first?  The bathroom or guest room?  Lots of photos ahead.  Let’s start with the bathroom. It transformed the most.

Bathroom BEFORE

Remember is was a little bit 1980’s…


…with a few 1970’s touches?

Here was my inspiration.

and here is the…

Bathroom AFTER

Now it is blue and white with a few pink touches. 🙂   The biggest change came by adding this vanity. It is from The Mine and called Andover. It fit perfectly along the wall in the small bath.

What I loved most about the vanity?  It required no DIY skills to make it. I enjoy DIY’ing, but when something is so perfect and doesn’t require it, what a treat! Less for me to do.

It was delivered in a big crate. Luckily when it arrived, my youngest was visiting along with her boyfriend.  His muscle and Ed’s made it possible to get it up the steps to the second floor of the house.

The vanity comes with a matching wood framed mirror, but it did not fit above the vanity since the ceiling is slanted. I gave it to my oldest daughter to use in her new house. I replaced it with this mirror framed mirror.

All we had to do for the vanity was slide it into the space with disc sliders and add a faucet.

I did do one small style change on it, though. It came with pewter style knobs that didn’t speak to me. I changed them out with glass knobs.

The next big change was the floor. We had planned to keep the original tile, but when we removed the old vanity we found no tile under it so we had to add a new floor. I used the same NuCore Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring that I used in my Studioffice, Hallway of Darkness, and Powder Room.

I receive many questions about this flooring.  I LOVE it. It is easy to care and doesn’t wear. It has a texture to it that adds a rustic quality. It is very easy to install. It can go over sub-flooring or even existing flooring, so we didn’t have to demo the tile.  We did have to buy a new white marble door threshold and then added new baseboards all around the room.

On the walls, I added horizontal planks on the bottom half. I used Fusion Mineral Paint in the color, Liberty Blue to stencil the pattern called Floral Fireworks from Royal Design Studio Stencils on the top half of the walls. It was the affordable answer to the expensive wallpaper I liked and showed you on my inspiration board.

See this post for all the details on how to paint a wall with an All-Over stencil design: Create Faux Wallpaper Using a Stencil and Paint 

It is perfect and I have fellow blogger, Kim Power to thank. Soon after I found the wallpaper and was searching for an inexpensive alternative, Kim posted her office makeover.  I knew I had found the look I was searching for.

The overall design camouflages the rough walls very well.  I will share the tutorial in a post next week.

I wanted to make the small room light and bright to give guests a pampered hotel spa experience and went with a white hotel shower curtain.  I had the rings from my previous house.  They look silver in the photo, but they are clear glass balls.

After the big changes were made, I had fun adding a few decorative accessories to the room…

…from Birch Lane.

As well as items I already had.

The room is complete except for the entry door hardware. I was hoping to get the shiny chrome door hardware I ordered in time for this post, but will add it to the door and door jam when it arrives.

This room is the first room you see when you head up the staircase to the second floor. Seeing it is a welcoming sight now.

All product links and decorating resources are at the end of the post.

Next up… the guest room…

Guest Room BEFORE

As far as bedrooms go, this room was pretty neutral. It just needed cosmetic changes, no demo needed. I just had to brighten it up a little with white paint and lots of pops of color.

Guest Room AFTER

While I kept the color palette in the bathroom to 2 colors, I used a kaleidoscopic approach for this room. Pops of color come to life in the room against the white painted walls.

I have another guest room that I will update soon. It is more masculine in color and decor.  My house has 4 bedrooms and my kids are grown and out on their own which allows me the use two rooms for guests. The fourth bedroom in my house I have never shown you, but will soon.

My goal for this guest room was to make it more feminine. So when guests come to stay, they can choose which room they would like to stay in. The more feminine or masculine one.

You know I like white walls to showcase and highlight everything else in and about a room. I thought of painting the wall behind the bed, navy blue, but I know from 33 years of decorating my homes, I would not be happy with it. It would look dramatic in a photo, but just not my style.

Too add color to the wall, I waited for a sale on 24″ x 48″ stretched canvases at Michaels. I bought 5 and used a mix of craft paint to paint them using colors taken from the bed spread.  To hang them evenly with each other was made easy with this home-made picture hanging tool. 

In a perfect world, I would love to have wood floors in the bedrooms, but for now the beige carpet has to stay. I guess I can play the “Pollyanna Glad Game” and say… I am glad it’s neutral. 🙂

I have always wanted to make a white pom-pom pillow and finally did, with the words, Be Our Guest painted on. Will be sharing how I made it with you next week.

In guest rooms I always like to have a throw at the end of the bed so that guests can take a nap and get all snuggly without having to un-make the bed.  This one is reversible – pink and orange. It is actually a twin-sized bedspread.

I made this bench for under a window in my previous house. It is the perfect place for guests to place their bags. To update it for the bedroom, I painted it white and covered the cushion with fabric from JoAnn Fabrics. It is an outdoor fabric. I used my no-sew method to cover it.

The bedspread is called Dreamcatcher. It is from Birch Lane.  I like that the bedspread is reversible so I can change it on a whim or seasonally.

I loved the color of the sheets and thought the fish were fitting for my house that is on a lake.  The set comes in a few different colors.

On the white dresser I placed a few goodies for guests to feel right at home. Treats in a tall Apothecary Jar and water and glass on a tray.

I still love getting snail mail and think many others still do, too. To give my guest that vacation feel, I had note cards customized at Minted for guests to use to write to their friends and family when they stay with us.

To make the notecards even more special, I ordered custom stamps from Minted, too. Look close at the stamp. That is a photo taken from the guest room out to the lake. 🙂  They are Forever stamps, so they will always be good to use.

I elevated the card on a small white cake stand. When not in use for notes, I may put a-just-from-the-oven, muffin or cupcake on it as an extra treat for anyone staying with us.

I love chalkboards and added this one to welcome everyone that comes to stay with us…

…hoping that they will relax, stay awhile, and have a great visit, even if there is a storm brewing outside.

One thing that EVERYONE that visits asks is… “What is your WiFi password?”  I made it easy by making a printout of it using my computer and printer.  Placed in a Yates frame in a visible area in the room makes it easy for guests to see.  This frame comes in a set of two. The frame itself can be placed in the holder vertically…

… as well as horizontally.  I plan on using the second one in the other guest room.

The XOXO art is from Minted.

The brass bedside Deegan lamps are from Birch Lane.  The beside tables are not really tables, but act like them. One is a tray table that I had and spray painted blue. On the other side is a tall stool that I bought at a thrift store. It was stained brown and I painted it using chalk paint I made to get just the right shade of green.

To make it easy for guests to charge their phones and devices, I make sure there is easy access to an electrical outlet and also an extension cord.

Wheww…. that was a lot. I hope you enjoyed it.  Next week I will go into more detail on how I made some of the decor, but there is plenty more Color Loving decorating inspiration ahead.

My Decorating Resources and Links:

*affiliate links used*


Andover Vanity in White | Faucet | Venice 6-piece Blue/White Bath Towels | Madison Fingertip Hand Towel | Shower Curtain and Liner | Rug | Mirror | White Cordless Roman Shade |Peonies (similar) |Floral Fireworks Wall Stencil (Size Small) | Stencil Paint  Fusion Mineral Paint – Color Liberty Blue | Light Fixture, I changed the shades

Colorful Guest Room  

Dreamcatcher Feather Quilt | Pink Fish Sheets | Brass Deegan Table Lamps | Adkins Chalkboard | Ceiling Fan | WIFI Brass Frames | Turquoise Tray | Hot Pink Quilt (similar) | XOXO Framed Art | Apothecary Jar | White Cake Plate | Customized Note Cards | Customized Postage Stamps | Tote Bag |  Le Pens | Wall Paint

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